After an amazing three-year journey,
we regretfully announce NUR’s last service
will be on 7 August 2016.

We are truly thankful for your support over
the years and hope to see you for the remainder
of our service period.

I always wanted to do my own thing,
I just didn’t know it would be in Hong Kong.

Nurdin Topham Chef & Founder

The Beginning

It all began when Raymond Blanc walked through the door of the kitchen of London’s Claridge’s hotel, where I was working. He prepared a tomato dish which I tasted, nothing I ever tried managed to pack so much flavour, but was yet so light and balanced.

The next thing I knew I was working at Raymond’s two star restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, where I spent a decade. It was here that I studied nutrition and qualified as a nutritional therapist. I ended up eventually leading Raymond’s cookery school. Raymond taught me about the importance of variety and the details that affect the quality of produce. I came to deeply respect the food chain, and taught my guests all about nutrition and how to source food in a responsible fashion.

The Inspiration

It was finally being able to eat at Rene Redzepi’s NOMA in Copenhagen in March 2013 that reconnected me to my passion for nutrition and the food chain. I was so inspired by New Nordic food, with its reverence for natural produce and intimacy with the seasons that drew me to do a stage in the NOMA kitchen. I returned to London feeling inspired, and established The Topham Suppers with my partner Salma.

Later that year, I returned to Copenhagen to intern at the Nordic Food Lab, where I immersed myself in artisanal food production, science and fermentation. I later returned to the lab again to work on a somewhat unorthodox project — the deliciousness of insects. This was where I met Hong Kong born chef Richie Lin, who told me upon my return to London that a friend of his was looking to open an interesting restaurant in Hong Kong. That restaurant became NUR.